Manage Your Mindset

By Jon-Michail

Most of us are horrified to find ourselves eventually turning into our parents. We watched them as we grew up and modelled our behaviour on theirs as well as that of the people around us, relatives, friends, teachers etc. When we inevitably realised they weren’t perfect, we watched others and saw how they handled situations. We’re still doing it. No wonder as adults we sometimes miss the obvious and neglect the opportunities right there in front of us. We’re too busy watching what others do.

When we see a competitor is doing well, it is very tempting to try the same marketing, pricing structure, adapting our product to more closely resemble theirs – whatever we assume it will take to match their success.

Why do we instinctively act this way? Psychologists say that we’re adopting a ‘scarcity’ mindset. Because we believe there is only so much to go around, we fight to snatch our share. Scarcity thinking is a fear based response, therefore saps your personal power. Take a moment to think about that. Wouldn’t it be more productive to try something the competition isn’t doing?

The ‘abundance’ mindset takes us out of panic mode into a more reasoned possibility orientated frame of mind. There is enough to go round, more than enough, but we have to look for it in places we’ve not considered until now. Because we’ve trained ourselves to act in certain ways and to respond to the stimuli we are familiar with, we tend to ignore things that are outside those parameters. Train yourself to widen your frame of reference. Forget about the things your competitor is doing. If everyone did the same thing, progress would be stifled. Don’t forget, the best inventions all come from a leap of the mind and spirit and a willingness to experiment.

Don’t let old beliefs sap your confidence and slow you down. Look within yourself to isolate the beliefs that are holding you back. Keep the beliefs that are working for you, and toss the rest. Open your mind to positive alternatives. You may find yourself doing things you would have previously avoided, but by stretching yourself and your beliefs, you will become more energised and gain the kind of confidence that attracts attention.

Don’t be afraid to seek the right support where you feel you need it. Others will see things in you that you have not known about yourself, and those attributes will take you further than you have been before. Your new and positive mindset will set you up for success on your own terms.

Give it a shot, what have you to lose other than the type of thinking that is not supporting you.

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